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Hi! I'm Alex, a self-taught illustrator, calligrapher and graphic designer based on the wonderfully sunny and serene coastline of Bournemouth.

I grew up being creative, knowing that I've always wanted to inspire the younger generation and being in complete awe of it all. 

With a diverse skillset, my illustration style can cover all markets from children's books, stationery, games and licensing – all the way to educational graphic style illustrations, like I have done throughout my 9-5:30. 

Hiding tiny treasures in my work, I make my pieces like a little game of hide and seek. I've always had the idea of fully observing an illustration and have included that within my work going forward. 

I'm available for commissions, including pet portraits, design work and the weirdest and most wonderful ideas you could come up with. If you're an art agent that has stumbled upon my website, welcome to my creative corner.


If you have any questions at all, please do email me at
or check out my portfolio to see what I can do. 


Illustrator, Designer, Professional Cat Cuddler

These are my two lovely creative assistants, Molly and Winnie! They don't help as much
as you think, but don't tell the boss! 

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