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Let's work together


Bespoke Wedding Stationery

Completely bespoke and personalised for your special day. I can create anything from extravagant lettering pieces, to something more illustrative and unique to you and your partner. I draw on your personalities to make your dream wedding stationery to light. 


Illustrated Pet Portraits

From dogs, cats, hedgehogs, bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas and more. Your lovely little friend will be with you forever as a painting. Offering both larger scale portraits and wood slices which make the most perfect ornaments for your Christmas tree or to have out all year round. 

Either painted with gouache or digitally, it's your choice. To find out more information and my pricing, click on the button below. I can't wait to meet your forever friend!


What's your next big idea?

Do you have a small business and need a logo, or are you a budding author who has all these ideas and need someone to draw them to life? If you have any ideas that you need an illustrator for, my books are open and I'm looking for work! I'm excited to work with new people who have big ideas! 

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